Why was this project started?

Boredom. Sheer boredom during the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to do something different and useful as I was talking a break from gaming.

What type of data is the bot collecting?

For now, the bot is collecting Guild ID and User ID. This data right now is used only to check and log bot activity. Nothing is being done with the data at the moment, but it surely will prove to be beneficial for future enhancements. This data collected will be kept confidential, and will not be misused.

Is your bot verified?

Not yet. In order to get verified, the bot has to be part of about 75+ servers, and I am yet to hit that milestone. You could invite Galaxy into your servers and help me achieve this!

Do you make customized servers and bots?

Yes I do. All you have to do is DM on Discord/Twitter and confirm the official order in my discord server. Prices are non-negotiable (or maybe a little :p).