Basic Knowledge

Some basic information on handling a server

Here are a few things you need to know if you are a server builder -
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    Owner - This is the creator of the server. This member cannot have any moderation done on him, i.e kick, ban, etc. The owner cannot even leave the server without transferring their ownership to another member.
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    Admins - The administrator permission is one of the most powerful permissions a member can have in a Discord server. An administrator overwrites all the other permissions. Members with this permission have every permission and also can bypass channel specific permissions. So this is a dangerous permission to grant. Therefore it is highly recommended that the owner should be the only one holding the administrator permission, if not should be granted to a hand full of trustworthy members.
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    Mods - The moderators of the server are the ones who keep check on the members. It is recommended to grant Kick Member, Mute Member and Manage Messages permissions, which are essential for a steady moderation, with other ones according to the admins, but never the administrator permission.
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    Roles - Roles is the most powerful feature of discord. This feature if not handled correctly can be easily exploited. Therefore role creation and handling permission called Manage Roles must on given only to the admins of the server.
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    Channels and Categories - Channels are where most of the interactions happen. There are text channels and voice channels. In case to make a channel role specific, the admin has to overwrite the channel permissions for the selected role. Category is used to keep the server well organised.
  6. 6.
    Bots - Bot is a feature provided by Discord. There are bots developed for maximizing productivity, fetching important data, delivering notifications, scheduling events, moderating conversations, and more. For example, Galaxy bot mainly focuses on moderation, but does a lot of different stuff.

Command Categories

All the commands of the Galaxy bot can be classified into three categories -
  • Moderation
  • Information
  • Miscellaneous


This is a symbol or an alpha-numeric used in front of the command. The default Galaxy bot prefix is g? But this can be changed (go to the Prefix under Moderation).

Important functionalities Galaxy provides -

  • When bot enters a new server, an automated message is sent to the owner of the server.
  • The bot's status indicates the number of guilds and members it is serving.
  • Whenever a member is "disciplined", the member is DMed the details, and the actions are logged in the galaxy-log channel (we will come to this later).
  • A default welcome banner is set for new members entering the guild, and is shown in the greetings channel (again we will come to this later). The member is greeted with a DM.
  • All the events and moderation commands are logged in the galaxy-logs channel.