Galaxy - Discord Bot

To every admin out there, ever thought moderation or server maintenance is a cumbersome ordeal, and would take forever to perform? Say no more! Galaxy is a general-purpose bot made for Discord. Fueled by Node.js and MongoDB, it caters to server needs with efficiency and precision. The bot includes commands for moderation, general information and even miscellaneous ones to make the server more fun and interactive. The creator and developer of Galaxy is Amish#1337.
Due to cost reasons, I have decided to end the Galaxy project, as my AWS free tier is going to expire. Therefore you can no longer invite the bot and have access the community server. All of the code to my bot is now open-source. Thank you for all your support!

Salient Features

  • Moderation made less sophisticated.
  • Profanity check (Do not worry, it's pretty forgiving.)
  • Set custom prefix.
  • An accurate log system.
  • A welcome banner for new members.
And a lot more...and a lot more yet to come...

Not Enough?

Well, nothing is ever enough. I strive on adding more and more feature and keep an open ear to all complaints and requests. The bot receives frequent updates, almost every other day.

Less goo

To start off, invite the bot by into your server. Please do g?help get to know my commands. In case of any queries or bugs, please do g?botinfo to get the developer's contact info.


I have a small server for interacting with the users. If any kind of support or assistance regarding Galaxy is required, please join the discord server.
A rudimentary feature of any discord bot is availability. And to achieve this, the bot requires expensive and efficient servers. Your donations will mean the world to me!
If there is an error or you would want to donate through any other source, visit our community.
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